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Stripperella is a superhero/secret agent working for F.U.G.G. as agent 0069. She uses many breast-themed superpowers and an array of feminine technology to fight crime. It is currently unknown how she got her powers, but she mentions that at least one of them is natural.

Physical Appearance Edit

Stripperella has blonde hair and tan skin. She wears a purple mask, a short purple shirt, a purple skirt, purple panties and Purple thigh high heel boots, but is some episodes her boots are shorter.

Powers and GadgetsEdit

Glass cutter nipples. The pasties fit over her actual nipples and turn into metal drill bits, elongate, and start spinning. This power is given to her by technology. She controls this power mentally. Mentioned in Beauty and the Obese: Part 2 and seen in Cheapo by the Dozen, to get out of a trap, and in You Only Lick Twice, to get into the hideout.

Instantly expanding her breast size. She holds her breath and they inflate. They increase from a 34DD to a 34E. This power is natural. Seen in Cheapo by the Dozen, so that she could float to rescue a drowning man.

Lie detector breasts. When someone holds them, she can determine whether a person is lying. Seen in The Wrath of Klinko, to see if a man is telling the truth. She mentions that this power naturally comes from her breasts without the use of technology. It is currently unknown what will happen if someone lies while holding her breasts.

She is impervious to temperature and weather conditions. She says this while wearing a bikini in the snow. She also mentions this in Eruption Junction, What's Your Function?

An extreme Victoria's Secret Compartment. She has been seen many times pulling various objects, sometimes even ones too big to fit, out of her cleavage. This is probably where she stores her costume. Most of the things kept there are ridiculous.

Literally having a flawless body. Seen in Beauty and the Obese: Part 1 when Nairasec Rotcod (Doctor Cesarian) is inspecting her.

A nipple camera. Mentioned in The Wrath of Klinko. Given to her by technology. The pictures it takes are very small, which she doesn't like.

A hair parachute. Stripperella uses it to glide safely down from the air on her flowing blonde hair.